Offering Queen stock developed by the Ohio Queen program I  have been successfully grafting and raising queens. The queens being sold have been evaluated and are continuing to be evaluated for 1) Winter Survival in Ohio, 2) Gentleness,  3)Honey production, 4) Good brood pattern. My queen stock is primarily Carniolan origin and the drone stock is primarily carniolan. However, as open-mated Queens, they are not being sold as pure Carniolan.  In fact, I’m so sure of the quality of my queens that I will replace any queen that 1) is poorly mated ( becomes a drone laying queen later in the season) 2) displays aggressive behavior 3) is laying a poor brood pattern.  I’m not responsible if the queen is not introduced properly to the hive. 

                  Open Mated Carniolan Queens

                  Price for Queen:  $35.00

                  Shipping:  $ 6.50 Priority Mail with confirmation

To order, email or call me to confirm availability or if you have any questions.  Payment in full due before the shipping date.

Shipping:  Queens may be shipped by UPS, Priority Mail, or Express Mail.  Queens are typically shipped on Monday or Tuesday to avoid shipment being held over the weekend at the post office. Queens are shipped in Jz Bz queen cage in a battery box with candy, water, and enough attendants. Full payment is expected by Pay Pal, check or money order. If payment is not received at least a week before shipping date, your order may be delayed.  The weather could affect the shipping.  We are in Ohio and it could be outside of my control.

Pickup: You are welcome to pick up queens to save on shipping and reduce the stress on your queens.  Call to arrange time.  Shipments are not insurable but the risk is minimal.  Queens shipped are sole responsibility of the buyer.  Replacement of queens is at the discretion of Nina’s Village Apiary.  Please call for availability.

                                           Sold out for 2015

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Nina’s Village Apiary


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